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I have a Core 2 Quad 8300 with a Gigabyte GA-EP43-UD3L with 6GB of DDR2 memory. Everything was working fine and I did the latest windows updates not sure which one they were but when it restarted i got the error for no MBR found. So I go and get my Windows 7 install CD to try a startup repair and Boot to the CD. CD boots and displays the starting windows splash screen and then show the normal blue splash screen but it sits there for a minute or so. Then Starting Setup finally comes up but then the computer restarts.

This has me totally stumped so i decide to boot to a Ubunutu 10.10 USB like key I have and it boots to that just fine so I back up all my files i needed. then I replace the hard drive and try to install windows again with the same results. Cant really find any info on this so I begin unplugging all unnecessary devices inside the tower. Tried a new windows 7 cd as well as a windows installer USB key all with the same result. Lastly I replaced the video card as well as playing with different setups of memory and extra memory I had along with unplugging everything from the mother board. The only things plugged in are the CPU, Video Card, Ram, and PSU and I try to boot to the USB Key and same result again.

The only other thing i tried was wiping my HD and actually installing linux on the drive and it seems to work fine with everything but still cant install windows 7 for some reason. Also tried 4 different Bios Flashes still with no success.

I am really stumped on this and im down to it being the board or CPU which is only 1 year old if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it I need the PC back for School in Janruary.
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  1. Can you FDisk the old drive with the Ubuntu CD and then just shut it down and restart with the windows cd in? If so, what happens?
  2. have already tried wiping the drive and still get the restart in the same place going to try bartpe and see what happens and then try switching out the CPU
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