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Hi All
I posted this same query on Rage3d but haven't had a response yet so" Im hedging my bets "

3 days ago I purchased and had installed the Gigabyte ATI Radeon 5870 Eyefinity 2GB

I bought it only for gaming and the last 2 days I have been playing extensively with no issues

I am currently playing Dead Rising 2 and GTA4 in Network mode

I noticed an issue about 3 hours ago where the screen starts flickering and grey lines appear..this is intermittent

When I go to the CCC and check the temperature settings I see the Card is running up-to 70 C and activity very high 90 %

This only started happening now and if I pause the game its fine and the temperature drops and the flickering stops

Any ideas why suddenly this is happening now and what I need to do to stop this ?

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  1. 70C is normal for load temperatures, and activity is the high 90's in normal. What driver version are you using?
  2. Hi Omg
    I used Driver Detective to download the I assume its correct?
    According to Device Manager its version 8.780.0.0
    I noticed something odd ...if I look at Dxdiag\Display\Drivers its says Version 6.14.0010.7131

    Shouldn' these be the same ?
  3. No need i have ATI Catalyst 10.10 installed and in dxdiag it shows the same i.e. 6.14.0010.7131
  4. Hi Guys
    Some more information .My machines spec's are

    Some more information

    -From Device Manager the ATI Video driver is 8.780.0.0
    -Windows XP SP3
    -i5 Processor ( Quad Core @ 2.7 Ghz)
    -Asus Premium p7p55D-E Motherboard
    -I bought a new case just for this card .Its a Cooler Master ,Centurion 2.It has 4 Fans
    -I checked the Bios and the Temperature for the Motherboard and CPU is both less than 50 C
    I- have a 550 w power supply called Super Power

    I have tested this issue and in an older game like Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic there is no issue but in the newer games that require better graphics and 3d like Dead Rising 2 and GTA4 it starts flickering and grey lines appear. after a few minutes This sometime causes a crash and sometimes I can ALT-TAB out of the game
    Any ideas ?
    I can get the card replaced if required
  5. I've never heard of a "Super Power" PSU, what are the ratings listed on the sticker on the side of the PSU? That's a pretty power hungry card at load, especially if you are running multiple screens, chances are slim that an off-brand 550w PSU can adequately power the card during heavy loads.
  6. Hi Benski
    Im only running one screen ,also this card ran fine for 2 days and only yesterday started giving issues .Now the situation is any new game crashes after 5 minutes
    I can check the specifications of the PSU and post them now
  7. Okay stupid question but what specifications do you want from PSU
    I can see the sticker on it but there are several availible options
    Also the actual make is EuroTek

    Something else I want to clarify as Im wondering if it could be the PSU
    I am only seeing this issue in high performance games but not in Windows or older games .Is that because the high performance games require better resolution and 3D effects and the GPU on the card would require more power to generate the required picture

    So what is happening is that the PSU isn't distributing enough power ?
  8. "Is that because the high performance games require better resolution and 3D effects and the GPU on the card would require more power to generate the required picture"
    Exactly. The harder the GPU works the more power it's going to need.

    The spec that matters for GPU power on a PSU is the amps or total watts on the 12v rail. The minimum recomendation for that card is a 550w psu, but when they list that they assume it's a modern PSU with most of the amps on the 12v rail, and some old and cheap ones inflate there ratings by putting useless amps on the 3.3 and 5v rails.
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