Buying a new build, how much can I get for my old parts?

Hey everybody I'm going to be getting a new PC and I am wondering whether to sell my old PC for extra cash or whether it's even worth my trouble.

Case: Coolermaster HAF-X
PSU: Corsair HX-850w
CPU: Intel Core i7 2600K @ 5.0 - 5.5 Ghz (I'm pretty sure this will be WELL stable with my cooling, tweak-town managed to get it to 4.7 on the Corsair H70)
CPU Cooling: Custom watercool loop (Pump, Micro Reservoir, Swiftech Apogee XT CPU block, UV green tubing, Comp fittings)
Motherboard: Gigabyte P67 UD7
RAM: Corsair 8GB Dominator GT 2000Mhz CL9 (w/ fan)
GPU: Gigabyte HD6950 Unlocked to HD6970
HDD: Western Digital 500GB SATA3 Caviar blue; RAID 0
PCI: TL-WN350GD Network card

Now heres the old PC I'm speculating on "to sell or not to sell", THAT my friends, is the question. Would it sell.. where (please don't say ebay)... and for how much ...

Case: Delux Infinity 8013
PSU: Codegen 600w
CPU: Intel Quad-core Q9400 @ 2.66Ghz
CPU Cooling: Stock
Motherboard: G41MT-D3
RAM: 4GB Kingston 1333Mhz CL9 (stocky barbones looking ram)
GPU: Gigabyte GTS250
HDD: Seagate 500GB (Fresh win-7 Home premium 64-bit installed)
PCI: TL-WN350GD Network card


PS: I did some sexy cable management on the -OLD- PC, including squeezing the 24-pin and everything around the back.
PPS: I'm 13 and got this PC a few months ago, due to the fact then when I knew *** all about PC's I couldn't compare it to the price of building it myself, I'm afraid I paid a pretty penny for it - 850$
PPPS: I hope this is worth 300-400$ atleast =(
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  1. Your CPU is still worth a pretty penny so $300 - 400 for the system is not impossible. You could though look at what the parts are selling for on ebay or a similar site, it is not unusual that you get more for it in parts.
  2. delegated to Office, surfing, music, and older 2005-2006 games, it is still a nice system; I'd think it was worth about the same as you estimate, but, with new systems so inexpensive these days, possibly the low end of the estimate...

    (strangely, it is sometimes likely worth more in pieces than as a system...)
  3. If you were to give a set price to each part what would you give? I know the case, psu, mobo and ram are cheap parts (sell for like 20-30$, lol) but what would I offer the cpu, HDD with OS and gpu for?
  4. I wouldn't sell the HDD. I don't care how many time you re-format it or scrub it, there is still the chance that someone could get some of your personal data off of it. the small amount you can get for a 500G used hard drive is simply NOT worth it. In fact, as cheap as NEW HDDs are right now, the only people interested in an used one would probably only want it for the possible personal data they could get(Credit card numbers, etc.)
  5. We could give you prices all day long, but it makes no difference if you can't find a buyer. Your system is worth exactly what someone will pay for it, and what you will sell it for.
    Case in point, and old storage shed we had out back behind work, it was very big, 16x16x8 and we paid $3200 for it 10 years ago. We had a big oil cooled screw type air compressor in it, so it was modded pretty heavily with large side vents for air circulation and holes for tubing running in and out of it. 2 years ago we got rid of the old compressor that was in it, and my boss said "sell the shed". I found a buyer, said he would pay $500 and haul it away that very weekend. (which is a problem because it is big....too big to move on the road without securing permits) My boss said no, that is not enough, we need more than that. Well guess what? 2 years and half a dozen ads in the paper later it is still sitting out back and I have never found anyone who would even give a price on it, and my boss is still complaining we need to sell it.
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