Naming convention of AMD and Intel CPU

I have an assignment about Branding strategy of Intel CPU and AMD CPU.

Therefore, I would like to collect the primary data from your view or your opinion about the naming convention of CPU.

Intel name their CPU such as core 2 extreme....., core2 quad...., core2 duo...., core i3...., core i5...., core i7... , etc. Are you confuse how to decide which one is better, which one is compatible, how to identify the performance, or any discussion?

AMD CPU name which is used to use Phenom...., Athlon......, Sempron.... and is going to change to FX..., A...., and E.... series. Are you confuse how to decide the better one, the performance? Do you agree, disagree, or confuse with the name or any discussion?

Thank you very much.
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  1. How do I identify performance?
    By looking through benchmarks and reading reviews.

    How do I know if a CPU is compatible?
    Very rudimentary, so much so that I can't explain.
  2. We are by far the worst people to be asking about the branding of intel and AMD and whether their marketing schemes are confusing, almost all of us here are able to identify which processor is better, its like asking a bunch of college professors if derivatives are difficult and assuming that applies to all adults, choose your sample better or your homework is meaningless.
  3. Thank you very much for your recommendation. :)
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