Samsung P2770H works VGA cable, but edges clipped with HDMI


I recently bought a refurbished Samsung 27" P2770H 1080p monitor from I've been quite happy with the picture quality so far using analog VGA->DVI cables, but when using an HDMI cable I've been losing the edges of the picture in the native 1920x1080 mode. The pixels are also smeared indicating that the video doesn't match the native pixel array of the monitor. When I use the VGA cable and set it to 1920x1080, I get a crisp image with no problems!

I tested the monitor with two different HDMI-HDMI cables connected to the HDMI ports of two different Nvidia GTX 460 cards. As was previously reported in this forum, switching to a non-native resolution of 1600x1050 restores the proper bounds of the display, however this still is not a good solution because the picture is crappy due to mismatch to the native resolution. What's even more interesting is that, since the HDMI is a completely digital format, the monitor doesn't even do the "auto" adjustment to get the display into bounds.

To me, HDMI is new crappy format introduced by the manufacturers to tighten their copyright protection rules. They force us to buy HDCP-capable video cards and monitors to watch bluray discs, while they don't even have the decency to implement these protocols properly. :fou:

I wanted to rant about it here to see if you agree with my conclusions about this otherwise awesome monitor and HDMI in general. ;)

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  1. I have an awesomely good (to me anyway) Samsung Syncmaster 2333HD, and I have had lots of problems using the HDMI capability, even with my new AMD Hd 6870, which is also awesome. I managed to solve my problem to an extent that I can actually look at my screen without my eyes bleeding using HDMI.

    I managed this by using a lot of tips from folks on this site, and they are still up last time I looked. I definitely think HDMI causes a lot of problems and it is down to the greedy content companies wanting to protect their twenty quid for a Blu-Ray rip off.

    Usually for films that you can download from torrent sites weeks or months before they get a UK cinema release.

  2. For each tv there will be an HDMI port made specially for PC Connectivity, in Samsung its HAMD 1, connect your cable to it and your problem is solved.

    Let me know if it didn't work.


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