Home PC will no longer power on.

Eighteen months ago I built my tower system around an ASROCK AM2NF3 motherboard powered by a High Power 300-202 PSU. Last week it ceased to power on.
The PSU output voltages, measured with DVM under no load conditions, are all within spec.
Still the system will not power up when reassembled. Except for modular replacement of PSU and Motherboard, what else should I do to identify possible failed unit?

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  1. PSU is still a possible culprit...60/40 in favor of the PSU over the MB, and much easier to change to eliminate it

    Remove all unnecessary ribbons/SATA cables, drive power inputs, and even the video card (which can free up 130 watts easily)...if it then powers on, PSU even more likely.

    Double check that the 'pwr switch' 2-wire header has not fallen off the little mainboard connector...
  2. power supplies can measure good without a load but not have enough UMMPH to power up a system. Might want to spend a few $ and get a ps checker. Its a unit to plug into main ps plug (24 pin) and has idiot lights on it...

    Like mdd1963 mentioned make sure that those pesky little small connectors have not fallen off of the pins. Sometimes a face panel button will not work and that too maybe at fault.

    There are ways to work around hate possibility but for not something that you might want to tackle unless you know what you are doing regarding making a jumper cable that would be used to temp bypass front panel switches... More for the advanced trouble shooter
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