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Crossfire Issues

I recently installed another 5850 for crossfire and am running into numerous problems. I have a Asus p6t motherboard which should support up to 3 way crossfire. The main problem I'm having is no performance boost at all with another card I used 3D mark 06 and have such slight differences in performance its as if i didn't have another card in there.

Also when I do have the two cards in I'm having numerous color blemishes all over my screen such as blue squares or ping dots all over the place. This only happens when I put both cards in when I try either one seperatly this problem doesn't exist.

Ive tried both cards and both seem to work fine by themselves, but whenever I put in both and enable crossfire in CCC when the blemishes appear and obviously my performance is barely increased in benchmark. Ive tried to benchmark in 3Dmark Vantage, but it seems to always crash mid test which might be a problem with crossfire. Ive rebussed both cards multiple times, tried making the main one a different card, switch the bus slots that they are in nothing seems to work. Any help or ideas would greatly be appreciated also thank you for your time reading this huge wall of problems.
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  1. Sounds like your PSU to me, I get this blue squares and dots sometimes when I OC my 9600 GSO too much without a voltage boost.

    Whats your PSU brand and wattage?
    Also, have you oc'd either card at all?
  2. No i have not OC'd any of my cards I tend to stray away from that in fear for my cards life lol even when i dont OC them they tend to seem to break like my last card did. Also my PSU is Corsair 750 watts the exact one is here Says crossfire ready so i assumed it could handle it also my CPU is intel i7 930 2.8 ghz nothing OC

    Edit: I don't know if this is important at all, but when i play Fallout 2 color seem to be extremely messed up with it doing waves or purple non stop causing major color issues. Its hard to explain exactly what it does but it looks like a wave of purple going over screen from top to bottom maybe calling it a flicker would be better not sure exactly.
    Also since i rebooted took out one of the crossfire strips and have not launched any 3D mark program the blue squares and pink dots haven't appeared yet.
  3. That should be fine... painfully, I have to admit im not quite sure whats going on... try contacting ATI at
  4. Yeah ATI will sadly take a while to answer knowing them as they aren't open on weekends and i cannot call them on Monday because they close to early before i get home. Also if anyone has 2 5850 with about the same processor I have it would be nice to have a benchmark to compare to so i know around where im suppose to be for 3Dmark 06.

    Edit: Also does anyone know if in CCC i can just disable crossfire till i resolve my problem or do i have to physically take out the 2nd card?
  5. Is overheating a possibility?
  6. If you open CCC and in the options on the left hand side,normaly at the bottom it says CrossFireX,click on that and then un-tick the Enable CrossFireX box and that should do it.
    Ps,now please dont be offended,but its just a thought,you have connected the CrossFire bridge?
  7. Ok well i unchecked it to see if overheating could be cause of all this problem meaning i would have to get a new case i believe because mine isn't cooling well enough. Also yes i have the crossfire bridge connected right now. I have only 1 on though i think that should be enough but I've tried it with 2 and 1 separately trying each one individually to see if one of the bridges was messed up. I think overheating could be the issue because if my memory serves me correct when graphic cards overheat dots and spots appear on the monitor because the card is I guess dieing.

    And don't worry i take no offense lol we all make the stupidest mistakes sometimes :P .
  8. There are programs you can run to check out the temperatures like Afterburner.
  9. These are screen shots showing some of the problems I've been experiencing since i installed crossfire. For the first picture look at fraps and top of the screen and xfire to see the pixalation problem.

  10. After stopping playing league of legends for 10 minutes or less all those problems went away if anyone has any ideas other then overheating i cannot think of anything else.
  11. You should try this program RivaTuner get it here... to adjust your fan speeds manually. you can also set up Profiles for the fan speed of your ati graphic cards. I use this all the time no heat problems as I set up three profiles for the fan speeds web browsing, gaming, hardcore gaming. roughly 35% 63% and 85% keeps the cards nice and cool.
    I'm using this with my two 3870X2's so I have four gpu's going but there are only two fans so when you play with the program yours will probably just show two gpu's for your two cards. Its a awesome program to use.. have it start up with windows 7. will resolve your heat problems on cards.
  12. I honestly can't figure out what is wrong it doesn't seem to be anything my brain can fathom. Both cards work perfectly on their own, it doesn't seem to be an issue of heat i stress tested them with furmark up to 80 degrees not a single artifact. Then i just play games and bam artifacts appear everywhere. Ive completely run out of theories.

    For quick recap of everything that has been ruled out
    Overheating ruled out GPU-Z says my cards are running cool even when artifacts appear.
    PSU ruled out i used program to see if my cards were getting enough power and everything seems ok.
    Bad bridge seems unlikely i have tried 2 separate bridges and both at same time.
    Both cards have been used separately both work fine on their own.
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    Try rivatuner anyways.. set up a profile for the fans at 70% and have rivatuner startup at windows. try uninstalling the drivers for your card. then use driver sweep to clean.
    Then reinstall the drivers and keep both cards hooked up with bridge. after the drivers install you'll have to reboot. When windows logon screen comes up don't log in yet your hard drive light will be working wait fifteen or so minutes than log into windows. I've have to always do this with my setup so the drivers install correctly for both of my cards. Use rivatuner and just crank the fans after reinstalling the drivers. double check that your one bridge is seated good to the two cards. ATI 10.9 drivers are best for CrossFire as of now not the new ones.
  14. Rivatuner will not work on the 5850. IT has not been updated in a long time. You can however use MSI Afterburner to change the fan settings. It is developed by the same person who wrote Rivatuner.
  15. Ok I will try the MSI afterburner to up my fans and also will uninstall 10.10 and install 10.9 to see if that helps and use that driver clean program just to make sure. Ill see if either of them work. Btw the guys at ATI are completly useless and have not helped at all with their only suggestion being to buy a new power supply and reinstall windows.
  16. Try running the cards from the 2nd PCIe slot. When you say each card works fine alone, I'm assuming you tried both in the primary slot.

    I have 2 Asus Direct Cu 5850's and I've not had any color issues (I did fry a GPU with too much voltage once...).

    I don't have 3DMark 06, but I get in the mid 15K range on Extreme with both 5850s OCd and my i7950 @ 3.4
  17. No i tried them both in both slots. so i know both pci slots are fine. I envy you firebird lol i wish this worked perfectly, but sadly im getting only problems.
    Btw in what program do you get mid 15k range?
  18. Oops, I guess the application might be nice to know :) That's in Vantage.

    How many monitors are you using? How are they connected?

    If you really want to stress your P.S. you can run both cards with Furmark and Prime95 running at the same time. That will push your CPU and GPU to max.
  19. I tried vantage before, but i would just crash half way through the test and im using just one monitor a 24 inch.

    Before i stress test id like to get crossfire working tho :P
  20. OMG great news everything works now it turns out 10.10 was the cause of my problems. Ive learned my lesson about updating to newest ati drivers always wait 1 driver behind if you want things to work lol. Thanks to everyone for your help Im glad to finally be rid of this horrid problem.
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