No internet connection using a netgear router

I can't access internet through my netgear router. My laptop is also connected to it & the connection is fine. But the desktop computer cannot connect to it. I tried troubleshooting the problem but it says it cannot detect any problem. My laptop runs windows vista & the desktop runs windows 7.
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  1. As you've posted in the wireless network forum, presumably you are trying to connect wirelessly. What happens if you connect the desktop to the router by ethernet cable.

    See what happens if you try to connect wirelessly having turned off wireless security in the router.

    If this type of troubleshooting seems a bit daunting, most of what you need to know to do it is in the quick start leaflet which came with the router -- and in the full manual on CD (or at
  2. My sincere recommendation is Never go by the Windows generated messages the previous post the details on your desktop are too minimum..if the desktop is wireless plz check that you are connected to your wifi network in the first place...sometimes people tend to forget the smallest of steps that makes things complicated..
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