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Hello, I do not know much about finding the right parts for a computer. I have put a computer together but the parts were given to me. I plan on Overclocking, I am going to be gaming a lot, I plan on using SLI or Crossfire. I am going to get a ssd, I want a 3.0 usb and would like a socket on the motherboard so i can connect the usb 3.0 to the front of the case. I feel like asus is a sexy type of brand, but if there is a better motherboard that would be great. My price limit is about 170, but I would preferably not like to match that or go over it. Oh and i feel that a atx sized board is what will work best. If you can help THANK YOU SOO MUCH. sorry i have so many specifications THANK YOU!
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    well if you dont mind going micro atx then this asus rog board is quite good and meats your expectations

    when looking for a good OCing board look at the size of the vram heat sinks [they are located around the cpu socket] if they are quite large then they are better for OCing than a board that has small heat sinks. look for 8 pin power at the top instead of 4 pin, thats also another good indicator, and last a black board is another indication.

    these are a few good contendors. 2 asus products and an asrock, gigabyte also makes a descent board. read a some reviews on a few of your favorites, go for the highest rated you can. z68 is what you normally want to go for, but there are some good p67s out there, when i chose mine i got the best rated z68 board there was that suited my color scheme, at the time it was a gigabyte board, now there is a lot more options.

    you might want to think about the future and get one that supports ivy bridge and pci-e 3.0, a lot of asrock and msi boards have 2 pci-e 3.0 slots and a 2 asus boards have it. as for ivy bridge i am not entirely sure
  2. just looked it over, and everything i sent links of is SLI/crossfire enabled, has internal usb 3.0 for the front of the case, all are overclockable and all are near your budget
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  4. thank you my dear sir
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