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Hello, my nvidia 8600gs stop working, and i could not do anything to my laptop so i turn it off from them power button, but the problem was still there. so i make format to my windows and when i made install the drivers for the nvidia card and asking me to restart, then the stuk in loading windows and restart by himself and asking my to restore to a previous point. do you now any solution??? thanks...
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  1. Its maybe your g.card is crash
  2. but after several times tha i made system restore and install the drivers. i managed to install the cards drivers and everything was ok for about 5-6 hours and again the same problem
  3. Sounds like g.card overheating (temperature too high) if you have a case fan.. try make sure it is blowing cold air IN.. and not hot air OUT. Worked for me.. i had 8800gtx. worked for 3 months... but still had to replace g.card afterwards.
  4. but what about the problem when i am install the drivers and after restart it stuck in loading windows?
  5. There is a class action lawsuit about issues with laptops and these cards.
    Whether or not it applies to your laptop model I dont know.
  6. acer aspire 5920G
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