Can I plug my CPU fan into CPU_FAN_OPT?

after applying thermal paste and mounting my CPU fan, I discovered the power cord for it is too short to reach the CPU_FAN pins. However, it can reach the CPU_FAN_OPT pins, is it ok that I can plug into that one instead? Or does it have to be in CPU_FAN?
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  1. It will work on the CPU_FAN_OPT header as well, there's no doubt about it. If it is a header supporting PWM fans, even better, otherwise it will just function like a normal case fan. The motherboard may require you to ignore CPU_FAN speeds in the BIOS though, or it will keep bugging you every time you switch on the PC, but that's easy to do and takes 5 minutes to complete.
  2. yep, it seems the BIOS complains about a CPU fan error when I turn it on, not sure how to turn it off though...
  3. You'll find it in the BIOS somewhere, just keep searching. It should be where you can monitor system and CPU temperatures, and you can then choose the option to "Ignore" CPU_FAN speed or status.
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