9800 gtx with 250 watt PS??

Will a 9800 GTX graphics card work with a 250 watt power supply?
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  1. The minimum recommended PSU for a 9800 GTX is 450 watts.
  2. Long answer:

    A 9800GTX has a load rating of 175W

    That gives the rest of your system just 75W

    And you dont want to push a PSU to 100%

    Short answer: heck no
  3. Definitely not recommended. The 9800GTX has a TDP of 140W, i doubt a 250W PSU will have the 6 pin PCI-E connect it needs to run, and when it has to provide 140W to the GPU and at least 60W to the CPU, and some more for the motherboard and drives you will be well over its limit and you have two options, it will either shut off nicely, or it will blow. Cheap low power units tend not to have any protections so they are more likely to choose the second option.
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