Motherboard problems?

Well I was putting some components together to see what was working and everything turned out fine so i decided to put them into my case but now i that ive put them back together...nothing shows up on my monitor, ive also noticed that the lights on the back of the mobo dont flash(normally they would) so I believe no power is going to that part of my my mobo done or is something wrong with my PSU?
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  1. yes im pretty sure i did everything correctly, as i said before i tried the components outside of the case but now i put them in, everything starts up fine, i hear all the usual start up sounds(hdd,psu,cd drive) but no signal goes to the monitor and the diagnostic lights do not come on and the key board doesnt come on as i said it seems like no power is going to that section of the motherboard.
  2. Or you have a short somewhere. You did connect everything correctly and you used the motherboard standoffs?
  3. yea i did but ill try again when i get home
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