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GTX 460 with a DC E5500. How big is the bottleneck?

Hi, I didn't find any previous threads that helped with my question, so I want to know...

How big of a bottleneck will an E5500 cause the GTX 460?

My computer is an Asus Essentio CM5671. The specs are:

CPU Dual-Core E5500 2.8ghz
RAM: 4gb ddr3
PSU: Gonna buy a new one to compliment the 460.
GPU: 9800 gt

I got this PC in order to play FF14. It runs it and everything, but I am only getting 18-25 fps on low-meduim. This is very un--playable for me. I am looking to at least maintain 30fps in all areas, but my budget is very slim ($300). Could I acheive this goal with only upgrading my gpu to a 460? Or do I need to buy another CPU too in order to get 30fps+ with a 460?
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    Yes, get that GTX460, your cpu is still good enough for today's standard. :)
    I'll say OC it a little bit to 3.0GHz or above then you'll good.
    Make sure your have enough power on PSU. GTX460 needs 2 6pin power connector.
  2. Your CPU is plenty good enough for that card no worries.

    Mactronix :)
  3. ahh! thanks a lot, guys. Unfortunately I can't OC though, because the board is OEM.
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