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I´m trying to buy a new computer for Affter Efects and Video Works.
I´m thinking in INTEL i7 2600, INTEL DH67CLB3 motherboard and 16GB Ram.
Is this a good setup?
Could I have better results with other motherboard? a video board?
I´m open to suggestions.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Take a look at this motherboard:
    This motherboard has USB3 rear ports.

    Consider the i7-2600K CPU (unlocked), instead of the i7-2600

    16 GBs of RAM is an excellent choice

    Consider EVGA Nvidia (GeForce) video cards 400 series or 500 series with 1GB memory. (external exhaust)
    Read all the specs and do a good comparison of performance Vs price before you decide.
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