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Replacing 9800GT with Radeon HD 5770

My 9800GT has overheat problem and, now the 9800GT fried, planning to replacing a new graphic.

but i have a few questions before purchasing a new card.

Is the motherboard XFX MIA78S8209 compatible with Radeon HD 5770?

Will my power supply be enough for the Radeon HD 5770?

Any suggestions for a decent gaming computer case pricing between 30~60 CAD?

What would be the idle temperature for Radeon HD 5770, and it's temp during gaming?

my spec are:
Motherboard: XFX MI-A78S-8209
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+
HHD: Seagate ST3500320AS ATA Device
Power supply: Ultra LSP650 650-Watt Power Supply
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    A= Yes
    B= Yes
    D= That depends on a lot of factors. I have two 5770 in CF and my temps are usually 35-40C in Windows and jumps to 60-65C in BFBC2 in this same case from C (above).
  2. thanks for the reply :)
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  4. manyinwong said:
    thanks for the reply :)

    You are very welcome. If you do go with the 5770, download MSI afterburner and set up a custom fan profile to keep it running cool under load:
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