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Ok I have a new computer by emachines it is: Windows 7 home premium 64-bit: AMD Sempron 145 processor has 500gb harddrive and 2gd ddr3 Memory. To get to the point i play a online game, World of warcraftand my graphic's are terrible i updated my drivers and it is still bad the graphic card in it is by nvidia and it out of date i want to buy a graphic card to play W.O.W, so the question is will a new graphic card help the single processor? or even with a new graphic card will it still be terrible beacuse of the single processer? pls help...ty
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  1. You would have to upgrade just about everything in it if you wanted to increase performance. To put in a new graphics card, you might need a new motherboard, and your power supply might not be suitable either. A new CPU could also require a new motherboard. You should just save up and buy a good gaming system when you have the money. You could get a very decent system for ~$500 if you build it yourself. You could use the same ram, hard drive, dvd drive if you have one, and possibly windows.
  2. ok but i have a laptop that plays w.o.w and runs smooth with no problems and it is a single processor so i'm wondering why the laptop plays it smooth but the destop want???
  3. There's a lot more to consider than just how many processors there are. The laptop could excel at other specs and probably displays at a lower resolution. WoW is ridiculously light on system requirements though so I'm surprised you're having a problem. Do you know what your desktop monitor's resolution is? Try turning it down to the same as the laptop and see what happens.
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