Crossfire or single?

should i get another 5770 and crossfire them? or get a single 6870?
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  1. Monitor Resolution?
    Other Specs??
  2. You'll probably be happier with the minimum frame rates and single gpu simplicity. 2x5770 looks to be about the same as a 5870, and the 6870 is just a bit slower. So if you can seel your 5770, its probably a good idea.
  3. ok... i just took a look at your mobo
    is it the GA-MA785GMT-UD2H??
    because its a micro atx board with only 1 pciex16 slot
    you need two of those to cf unless your planning to buy another mobo...

    if your just asking for the fun of it...
    i really think its about personal taste
    take me for example... i would love to see a dual gpu setup inside my rig! :D
    plus 2x hd 5770 is probably enough gpu power for antyhing you throw at it...
  4. If you already have one 5770 and a capable crossfire motherboard then yeah I say just get another 5770 to run in crossfire. Of course if you're going to use it with that GA-MA785GMT-UD2H then you would need a new board with two PCI-E slots (that both run in 16x or 8x) to do crossfire. If you don't want to use a different motherboard then you are better off with a single 6870.
  5. don't forget people that ati crossfire profiles are really pain in the *** . but tomate is right most people usually go with crossfire because it's so cool to have to gpus at the same time.
  6. Yea i know i would have to get a new motherboard so i guess since i don't want a new one i will go with the 6870.
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