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X8x8 gtx460 sli

Is there a significant increased performance when you have 2 gtx 460 on x8x8 than 1 on x16?

should I even bother getting a second gtx 460?

BTW I have the msi p55a g55 mobo
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    Yes, 2x460 will give a significant increase n performance vs 1x460 . . . even tho one card were running x16 and two cards were running x8-x8. In fact, x8-x8 is only a few percentage points lost vs x16-x16:,2694.html

    On how many lanes are needed for SLI:,2696-17.html
  2. so the x8x8 and x16x16 have a subtle difference.

    The 2nd review says that the processor is more important in sli.

    Would the i5 760 do its job?
  3. Apaprently, your mobo doesn't support SLI. I didn't bother to check earlier, just tried to answer your question that 2x460 is a fine idea, even if x8-x8.

    Unfortunately, it looks like you will need another mobo to do that.
  4. Yeah..... but you know whats weird...

    When I was looking for a mobo it said that this motherboard supports sli on msi's website.

    I just checked and it says N/A for its sli... when it said Y for sli.
    Wouldnt x8x8 support sli? does it need to be specificly programed for sli?
  5. Yes. The mobo needs to have a chip set - er, pay a license fee - to support SLI.
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  7. the motherboard does support SLi
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