How Does Graphic Card Power Relate to Monitor Size?

My PC is a

ZT Sysytems 7391Mi
Intel i7 Processor 870 (2.93GHz)
Intel DH55TC motherboard
Sapphire 56701gb video card
Win7 Premium 64bit
I'm going to upgrade the video card to Sapphire 6850 or 6870.
After thinking about I'm also going to upgrade the monitor from
24" Samsung Syncmaster 1920 x1200 to a good quality 28" or 30"
monitor. How will the larger monitor effect video performance with the Sapphire
6850 or 6870 video card?
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  1. The higher the resolution, the lower the performance.

    See below link for HD 6850 & HD 6870 benchmarks. The increase from your HD 5670 will be substantial.
  2. 6850 & 6870 -
    # Yields to GeForce GTX 460 768 MB in low resolutions;
    # Noticeable noise level

    Maybe i should look at some other 6850s because low noise level is very important as I sit next the PC.
  3. Then you need to wait a month or two for versions with non-reference cooling. An example will be Sapphire's Vapor-X series.

    You can always research a 3rd party cooling solution that you can install yourself.
  4. Great, I can wait for the Vapor-X series, besides there's other work I need to do on the PC.

    The 6850 will do well w/ my PC but I'm not so sure w/ a 28" or 30" monitor.
  5. If you upgrade your monitor to 28" or 30", you are likely to have a native resolution of 2560, no longer 1920. That's a big change, and a 6870 is going to feel much different at that resolution than at 1920 - performance is going to drop from "Exceptional in most games" to "Good in most games".,2782-4.html

    Take a look at the FPS at the two resolutions in the xbit link above - paying particular attenton to minimum frame rates.
  6. Wow, looks like I've got to get another PC using crossfire.
  7. mike1 said:
    Great, I can wait for the Vapor-X series, besides there's other work I need to do on the PC.

    The 6850 will do well w/ my PC but I'm not so sure w/ a 28" or 30" monitor.

    If you look at the link I provided there are game benchmarks all the way up to 2560 x 1600 resolution. If you are getting a 2560 x 1440 or 2560 x 1600 resolution monitor, then I highly recommend you wait for the Radeon HD 69xx series. They will be single GPU video cards and are expected to be faster than the HD 5870, but slower than the HD 5970 (a dual GPU video card).
  8. Or look to the 580. AMD's 69xx announcement seems to have been delayed as nVidia launched these cards. In any case, you might need more than one at 2560 lol.
  9. the size of the monitor does absolutely nothing to your performance, you can have a 50" at 800x600 and the resolution determines how much horsepower you need. Like Twoboxer said the newer monitors are going to be supporting 2560 more frequently so here comes your decision, you can get a monitor with 2560 support but still play at 1920, and then a single 6870 would be a great choice, im using a 5850 and i was maxing out everything at 1920 with AA so i dont think you would have a problem since the scaling on the 68XX series is phenomenal
  10. +1 It all depends on the resolution - not the size, bigger screens with same resolutions are the same. The bigger the resolution the higher is the demand from gpu and cpu-
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