System Build Question (Making Sure This Will Work)

So my staples bought hp pc finally died on me and i was looking to build my own pc i have not done a full system build before but i have added parts and all that without a problem so im going for it all this time and basically want to make sure ive got everything right before i purchase this set up so here it goes and thank you for all your help before hand

i have selected the core i7-870 as my cpu ( )

the MSI P55A Fuzion as my motherboard ( )

the G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4gb for my ram ( )

the Antec Nine Hundred for my case ( )

and the Hyper 212 as my cpu cooler ( )

the power supply and graphics card i have already and the power supply is a XFX P1-650X ( ) and the graphics card is a XFX GS250 ( )

the hard drive with windows on it also comes from my old pc and im hoping there wont be a problem with taking it and putting it in my new pc has anyone ever done this and should there be a problem?

And i do plan on overclocking and getting another nvidia card and going sli so hopefully this setup will allow that

Thank you for all your help!
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  1. Looks good, although I would wait for SB if I were you, OR at least buy a motherboard that will do 1155 and 1156 so you have a better upgrade path.

    Unless you are upgrading from a nehalem chipset, you will have to re-install windows.
  2. If you dont mind me asking witch motherboard would you recommend?

    and the old computer that my os hard drive comes from was a HP Pavilion A6750F ( ) it has a AMD Phenom X4 9650 as its processor so does that mean i will have to install windows again on it ? and i have a second drive installed but it just had music and such on it will it be fine just to plug it in once the new system is built and not have to reformat so i can keep whats on it
  3. Take a look at the ASRock on the front page of Tom's. It's the P67 Transformer. While this is the only 1155/1156 that I am aware of, I anticipate more coming out soon.

    You are going from an AMD to an Intel chipset, you will need to format and re-install the OS. Secondary drive should be fine.
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