Upgrading 8800 GT, $200 Budget

I've been using my 8800 gt forever now and I decided I would keep it until I noticed lag at any point in a game. My main problem is that i'm trying to stream games live but I get lag while playing and streaming.

This is my current build.

8800 GT
i7 2.67 ghz 920
6g memory
windows 7 64
1920 x 1080 res

Also incase anyone is wondering this is my internet speed. Im pretty sure its good enough to stream.

My main question is. What is causing this lag? Is is my video card or is it because im not ocing my cpu? I have enough money to either buy a new video card or buy a nice cpu fan and oc. Which is the problem? I have about a $200 budget that I don't want to go over.

Any ideas is appreciated.
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  1. mw2 and heroes of newerth

    95% of the time it will be heroes of newerth
  2. Go for an HD 6850, you can grab one from newegg for $180. It does very well at 1080p.
  3. But my main question is if I get that will it solve my streaming problem?
  4. yeah, when i lower the res it definitely makes it better. So I don't need to oc my cpu?
  5. Your CPU is quite powerful and doesn't need an OC. If you are spending the $200, then spend it one the HD6850. Since you have an old card, it would be nice to get an upgrade.
  6. Yeah a 6850 is best bang for buck @ $200.

    HoN servers are buggy all the time, it might just be a network issue. But i agree with hell_storm, old school graphics card on a new system, you're 3 generations behind on GPU!
  7. is the 6850 better than the gtx 460?
  8. Not being blunt, but Asus is the best of them all tbh. It's out of stock so just wait, but the DCU cooling system beats out a lot of the other companies coolers for the 6850. The DCU also is considered a very high Overclocker among VGA card-wise.


    Look at those beast low temps haha.
  9. Sorry double post,
    Grats CT on your gold. Unles... I never noticed it.
  10. Asus any day for the GPU. I always say get the one which provides the best warranty!
  11. ^ Then the choice would be XFX xD
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