Changing motherboard hard drive ok?

Hi Guys, first post, i know this has probably been covered somewhere lol. im looking to upgrade my motherboard so i can get an i5 2500k ddr3 ram and gtx 570 gpu.

its currently an asus P5ND im looking to replace it with the P8768-V PRO, now i would like to keep my existing hard drive ( i believe it would be a SATA rather then IDE???) would there be any issues? im running vista 64bit version.

any help much appreciated.


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  1. Re-use of a hard drive is fine, but re installation of windows is highly recommended.

    In some cases it will work, but more often then not you will have conflicts or be asked to reactivate windows.

    In a technical way, an OEM version of windows is not to be installed on another system(new board). But if it has been a while, the activation tends to go without issue(have moved vista from one board to another my self, but always did a fresh install).

    Do not attempt to run the copy of windows on 2 computer(for obvious reason)

    If you have a retail copy of windows this "limit" of one motherboard per activation(key) does not apply to you.
  2. I will go one better than nukemaster, and say DON'T USE THE EARLIER INSTALLATION with your new rig. You can recycle your old HDD, and transfer files to the new rig, but the OS sets certain parameters for hardware when it is installed. The old installation will either (1) not work and cause no damage, (2) work, but be unstable and cause little or no damage, or (3) cause damage to the new hardware. Most likely it will not work, but I cannot exclude it causing damage.

    Even if you have a license to Vista ans plan to move your license from the old rig to the new one, you should (and I argue MUST) do a clean install so that the OS operates properly.
  3. ok so when you say clean install do you mean on a new hard drive or another way? sorry if its childs play lol im pretty good with most things but changing a whole system is alien to me.
  4. By clean install it means get all your files off the current drive(to an external drive or DVD's ect)

    Now when you install windows you wipe out the old copy of windows by formatting that drive or partition(if your drive was partitioned, you may be able to have your files safe and sound on the other partition, but if you are unsure, make a backup of your files).
  5. right ok so i create a backup using the windows back up program or just copy all the files from c drive to external hard drive which would be better?

    once the backup is made delete all c drive contents? or leave it all on there then swap mobo etc and when i start up it will ask to reinstall windows then when i put the disc in it overwrites everything on the c drive?

    also forgot to mention i bought this rig from pcspecialist so its a custom build so windows should be a retailers copy.

    sorry for all the questions just want to cover every aspect.
  6. It is up to you, I personally would just copy(all my files are on separate drives, so that is never an issue for me) what I need over to another drive. Remember to get save games/bookmarks/ect as well. It sucks to forget something. Do NOT try to just copy programs/games as many times this will not work, just reinstall those when you are done.

    You do not have to delete the drive after, when you reinstall Windows, You should then have an option to format the drive.

    Most systems from custom builders are an OEM copy of windows. You do have the Windows CD correct? There should also be a CD key(COA) on the case. That is the key you need when you install windows.

    If you hit up the properties on your My Computer(Just Computer on 7) under product ID it should tell you if it is OEM(99.99% sure it will be.)

    Will be like XXXX-OEM-XXXXXXX-XXXXX you X's will be unique numbers for your copy of windows.
  7. I second the motion that windows should be reinstalled once the motherboard and other parts get switched out.

    You will probably get a lot of blue screens of death if you don't reinstall windows.

    As long as you have a Windows install CD and as long as you have your CD Key (get it like Nukemaster said) you should have no problems moving the installation from one set of hardware to another. I have never heard of Microsoft enforcing its OEM sticks with the motherboard policy and I have heard many times where they updated information to reflect the OEM copy being installed on a different motherboard.

    If you are worried about this clause in the agreement, call Microsoft and they can confirm this.

    Also, if you have an external hard drive with enough space, I would just copy the entire contents of the C drive to the external drive and not worry about cherry picking to save from here and here and not there, etc.

    Then, you absolutely must physically disconnect the second drive before you start the installation process. If you don't, it is possible you make a mistake and delete all the files on it during the installation process.

    When I install operating systems, I generally blow away the entire previous partition and just let windows do everything from scratch, but you should be able to get by without deleting the partition and only formatting it if you want to.

    Once you install windows, do all the windows updates, install all your programs again, and all that stuff then connect back the external drive and move everything you know to move.

    Unless it is a big hindrance, just leave the old data intact for a while on the second drive in case you realize you forgot to move something back. When you are satisfied you have everything then you can just delete the folder containing the entire contents of your old C drive.

    Obviously, this depends on having a second drive with enough open space to equal your first drive's entire contents, but it is highly recommended that you do and that you proceed like I have described if it is important to you that ALL of your data gets moved.
  8. ok really appreciate everyone's input on this, at work at the moment so will check when i get home regarding the key.

    so my process should be,

    1. copy everything on the c drive to external drive (should i do an image copy as well?)

    note about the games & programs, so all programs and games cannot be transferred after the system is all up and running? so everything from adobe to anti virus etc will have to be re installed? not a problem just curious, as long as saved games are ok that's fine. i can move the installer.exe for all the programs that i have downloaded im assuming.

    2. then disconnect my external hardrive.

    3. replace all the components

    4. fire up the pc put the windows cd in let it do its thing. (so it will ask to format drive and i click yes?)
    when its formatted does that clear the drive so its as if i have just put in a brand new hard drive?

    5. transfer documents etc from external hard drive to internal hard drive

    6. re install programs games (regarding the games wouldn't i get problems with the re registering the key?)

    please add things if you see fit guys.
  9. 1) Direct copy is fine, you shouldn't need to do any disk imaging and it probably won't help you anyway because you won't be able to restore it back to anything.

    You should be able to transfer everything that isn't in the Windows directory without problems when the computer is in Windows. Unless you are doing something wrong, there should not be anything you need to save from the Windows directory so you can just ignore it.

    The saved games will be copied to the second hard drive and they will be fine. All the programs will have to be reinstalled. If you downloaded some installer exe off the internet then it would work if you put it on the second drive and put it back later.

    2) Yes.

    3) Yes

    4) Depending on your version of the OS, it may ask you some different things, but it will probably ask you first about a specific partition that you want to install windows on and you will have to choose the one that already exists. Then it will probably ask you if you want to delete it, I would hit yes, assuming you did everything number 1 through 3 already. If you hit no on this, it should probably ask you if you just want to leave the partition where it is and just format it instead, if you hit no earlier you should hit yes now.

    Either one of those things will get rid of everything that was on the drive before, making it like a brand new drive.

    5 & 6) I would do 6 first to the greatest extent possible then do 5.

    You would be well advised to do windows updates before you start installing programs. Everything that says critical on it, and in the custom screen almost all the things that say recommended on it too. Especially the ones that say .net on them. You will probably have to do 5 or 6 "passes" through Windows Update because updates unlock other updates. It is preferable that this whole process is done before you start installing anything else.

    Then do the anti-virus and firewall. I like Avira myself and the regular Windows firewall is ok.

    Then install all the programs you want, office productivity stuff, games, whatever.

    Then copy all the settings files and save files once all your programs are installed and running fine.
  10. my windows is indeed OEM, ok thanks very much for all your help everyone im sure there will be something else that i think of lol.
  11. I think you will be good. With some games, i will install then copy the old game over it(just games that get frequent and slow updates like COH,Starcraft II,Guild Wars so yeah rpg stuff)

    Enjoy the new system

    I too have never had MS enforce the OEM 1 board limit, but figured it is best to let you know about it. Worst case, you have to call to activate. "Lightning got my system and my board is discontinued and this is all they would give me to replace it" :)
  12. back again lol, i opened my pc up and it looks like my hard drive is IDE file:///I:/DCIM/100MEDIA/IMAG0046.jpg im sure the model says it is sata as well? is that the other connection point at the back of the hard drive?

    completely ignore this lol as you will see it is sata lol got my wires mixed up, the red cable is sata and the flat ribon cable is IDE right?
  13. maverickdc said:
    completely ignore this lol as you will see it is sata lol got my wires mixed up, the red cable is sata and the flat ribon cable is IDE right?

    Yes flat is IDE(not to be confused with te floppy cable :) ) and SATA can come in many colors
  14. If it is a wide ribbon cable then it is IDE, yes.

    If it is thin then it is SATA.
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