How do I know if the mobo supports booting from a PCI-e SSD?

I'm looking to build a new system with a bootable PCI-e SSD. I know bootable drives are available now, but how do I find out if the mobo supports booting from a PCI-e slot? I've looked on wesite spec sheets and mobo boxes, but I can't find where it says yes or no.

Anyone know where this information is available? Even Tom's Hardware reviews don't have it... unless I'm missing it.,review-32334.html

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  1. You download the motherboard manuals from the manufacturers' website to find out. Check the features overview first, then read the BIOS settings section (usually in the back of the manual). The BIOS settings "Boot" section should show which devices can be booted.
  2. great. thanks. i will check it out.
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