PSU and VGA connector issues?

Would an ATI Radeon 5670 LOW PROFILE work on a 250w PSU (I don't care what the recommendations say, is it possible) and how would I get the VGA or DVI port to where the current vga port is now if it also has integrated GPU?
Alos, would it fit in a case with these Dimensions (w x d x h)
169 x 426 x 377 mm
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  1. yes a 5670 would work with a 250w psu
    to switch from integrated to discrete just plug the monitor cord (VGA or DVI or HDMI) into the discrete graphics card the computer will automatically switch

    for the case dimensions it depends how much space your hard drive bay takes up it will probably fit the 5670 is pretty small
  2. The system would pull about 200watts total so there is a chance if the PSU has a strong +12volt rail. There is no way that you can connect it to the mobo outputs. If the computer has a slot for a low profile card then it should fit just as long there are no other components in the way this is the dimension of the MSI card 195*69*34 mm
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