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I have a pentium Dual Core E2160 rated at 1.8GHz with 800MHz and 1M L2.. My motherboard is a MS-7525 I am looking to upgrade to a Core 2 Duo E4400 with 2Ghz and 2m L2 but it still has only 800MHz bus speed. I am wondering will i see much performance difference? i know i should get a e7 series but i cant afford it so i just wanna know what kind of performance increase i will see. I am running Windows 7 32bit with 4g ram.
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  1. Maybe a 10% difference in cpu intensive tasks. Not much of an upgrade. for the money.
  2. How about the E6400 with 2.13Ghz/2m/1066 i found one on Ebay for 50 bucks.
  3. well my motherboard only supports up to Core 2 Duo it says.
  4. Quote:
    Yes and up to 65w and max 1033fsb.
    op do you have a OEM HP pc?

    On my motherboard spec page it says 800/1066/1333

    So wouldnt 1333 be max? and I bought my PC 2 years ago from best buy.
  5. well the only BIOS update is for Vista i tried to install it anyway and didnt work. But the update says its only for compatibility issues with Nvidia cards.
  6. Quote:
    with everyone getting carried away with suggestions,,,,
    what's your budget for this upgrade and what are the rest of the system specs.?

    I am running Win7 32 bit I have 4g ddr2 ram. also I have a ATI Radeon HD 4550 GPU. everything else is stock that came with the presario SR5410F
  7. yes i game on this unit now i play MMOs like WoW and Runes of Magic. and im looking to spend maybe 200 dollars. currently i can play wow on high graphics with it being fairly smooth and if its on Good then its totally smooth.
  8. Honestly i think i would rather update my CPU than my gfx card again i mean i know i bought a low end one but i just get so bogged down sometimes because usually i am running multiple applications while im playing, my media player, TVersity to stream movies from my pc to my xbox and you know the usual stuff and sometimes when it gets to heavy loading stuff it can get bogged down bad for a little bit. Although it did make a huge difference upgrading from 2gb ram to 4 and wiping my hard drive and installing Win7 32 from Vista 32
  9. yea i have come to realize that fact lol so i am looking at getting a motherboard/cpu combo but i think im going to go with AMD because there CPUs seem to cost less than intel lol is that a bad way to think about it?
  10. Quote:
    if having $200 to spend then you have options.
    at least get a better processor than the E4400, at least spend $100 on a E7600 off eBay.
    for $200 you can go AM3 even, just something to think about.

    it's hard to justify spending lots of money on LGA775 nowadays.


    i was thinking about this deal.. it uses DDR2 which is what i have so i dont need to buy that.. is that not worth it?
  11. well thank you very much for the help.. if you have a free minute could you give a look at tigerdirect or newegg and see if you see a better deal i would like to keep it no more than 175-200 but if not I understand. :) thanks again!
  12. ASRock A770DE+
    AMD Athlon II X3 450
    SAPPHIRE 100287VGAL Radeon HD 5670


    The video card is way faster than yours. The CPU is very good for gaming and stuff.
  13. It's fine, solid. Better than the Biostar.
  14. Ok but wouldnt a X4 be better? yea i know more expensive but how much better would it be if i got like a Phenom ii x4 or athlon ii x4?
  15. Quote:
    I'll agree to that.

    Also i forgot to mention my PSU is a stock one with 250w will the be enough if i upgrade just my mobo and cpu?
  16. Quote:
    motherboard and cpu, yes that's enough.
    you need to upgrade it quickly..
    that's not enough to power a good gfx card.

    Alright one more noob question. I think I am going to go with what was previously suggested as far as mobo and cpu. I am just wondering if there is anything special i need to do to make the switch to AMD from my Intel?
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