For Christmas I purchased a 1TB HDD and an HD 6870, after installing and playing BFBC2 with my new system, I recieved a BSOD in-game, obviously this started some worry on my part. I re-launched and got back into the game to receive ANOTHER BSOD after about 20 minutes.

This time my BIOS and Windows were telling me I had a bad drive and It needed to be replaced. I sent my HDD out for RMA about 5 days ago, and my new one will be here on Monday.

I plugged in my old HDD and started to play some more BFBC2.

Blue Screen.

WTF, I dont know what to do anymore, I don't know what could cause it. Any help would be appreciated. I'll post the stop code the next time it happens.

Thanks for the help guys, specs below.

AMD Phenom X4 9600
Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 6870
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
750w PSU

(Yes my processor is trash...)

ALSO, I ONLY BSOD in Bad Company 2, no other game has issues after hours of play. Thanks again guys, looking forward to your wisdom.

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  1. Using the latest drivers? All game patches (if available) installed? What brand and model is the PSU?
  2. check drivers, first. also i had the same problem in the past due to a pinched sata cable that was causing me to lose data.
  3. PSU is a generic CaseGears Eco-Element 750w

    Drivers should be up to date, it was a fresh install of everything when I received my new HDD, Windows, Games, Drivers, everything.

    I did go from nvidia --> AMD, but again, with a new HDD i don't think that would cause an issue.

    Just checked to make sure my SATA cable was also as flat as possible.

    Stop code is STOP 0x00000124
  4. Performance will suffer, but, for troubleshooting purposes, drop to a single stick of memory and test for one hour or so.....if no lockups, check with the other stick....

    Check that your mem timings/latencies/voltage setting are set correctly....

    Can't rule out marginal PSU under heavy GPU load either...reagrdless of alleged watt ratings....
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