Block Downloading of Files.

Hellow Friends..

I Own a Internet Cafe in Country ... (India) ... im Having a 15 gb limited conection .. its 2 mbps connection

Currently i charge customers 20 per hour ... but there is no download limit ... so there are lots of users coming for downloading of files ... which i m not able to monitor ...

so i want to know whether there is any way to block downloading of files in my client systems ...

I use IE and Firefox ...

i want the downloading of following files to be blocked "exe, flv avi mpg mpeg "
and i want the pdf docx txt etc to be available ...

also i want to block torrents ...

please help me ..out ...
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  1. You need a firewall between the internet modem and your internal network that can do web filtering. You can use either a hardware firewall or use a computer running a firewall.
    Hardware would allow fastest connection and best filtering but would be more expensive.
    A computer based firewall would be slower but alot cheaper.
  2. Use a proxy - I'd say Squid is the best free one around. On the gateway, block everything except HTTP traffic and within Squid config, you can block whichever file types you like. You'll also have to then configure the proxy into your standard image.

    Quick walkthrough on Squid content filtering

    You'll need someone that is semi unix/linux competent to set this up. (edit: sorry, seems like you can run it on windows now too... *cringe*)
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