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I would like to upgrade my PC to a 3 screen rig to run the following games: Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 2 (and Black ops shortly), FSX, Starcraft, COD, Need for Speed Shift, etc.

Firstly, is a 3 screen rig worth the $ for the games I play?
Secondly, any advise on what I should go for in order to get descent fps (was thinking of ATI5870 1GB)?
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  1. For three screens you need a very powerful video setup, why not go for a single big full HD monitor or a TV, it will cost you less.
  2. I already have a full HD 24" monitor, but was hoping to increase the feild of vision so the resolution goes to 5440 x 1080i - seen something similiar for FSX which was AWESOME, but have no idea how they actually did it (was pre-eyefinity).
  3. I run Eyefinity at 6092 x 1080 across 3 screens with a 5870 1 GB. It plays most games very well, but with medium setting and no AA, I'm happy with it. However I would recommend a stronger graphics setup.

    If you wanted to buy today I would get an nvidia SLI setup, 470s or 480s. Otherwise maybe wait for the 6900 series ATI cards to come out. You have to have 2 cards in SLI to run Nvidia Surround (Nvidia's Eyefinity). Goin ATI you only need 1 card, although I would recommend crossfire.

    If you choose to go ATI, and are running DVI monitors, you will need this. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814999030&cm_re=saphire_adapter-_-14-999-030-_-Product

    Here is a recent article on multi monitor performace. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/quad-sli-nvidia-surround-geforce-gtx-480,2745.html
  4. I recommend nothing less than the HD 5870 2GB.

    The 2GB VRAM will allow more textures to be loaded into memory and should help when using AA especially across 3 screens.
  5. Thanks for replies...

    Would you recommend running 2 x ATI 6850's in crossfire? or even 6870's - I believe these are equivalent to 460GTX performance wise, which seems to be quite adequate if you read the article on multi monitor performance. (In SA the ATI's are about 10% cheaper)
  6. In a couple of weeks the new HD 6950/6970 will be released.
  7. My current GTX 260s in SLI (Purchased off Ebay for $80 each) work almost as well as my old GTX 480s in SLI. The only difference is that I have to use 2x AA instead of the MAX.

    See a few of my videos here


    Many of the games you listed do not support 3 monitors Natively... ie.. you will need to use widescreenfixer.org

    I recommend 3 monitors over a single large display. I have a 50inch Samsung hdtv. I only switched to PC because of 3 monitor capability.

    I have owned the following setups

    5850s in Crossfire
    5870s in Crossfire
    2gb 5870 eyefinitity editions Crossfire
    GTX 480s SLI

    GTX 260s SLI Current setup

    I prefer NVIDIA because they don't require any display port crap!!!!

    Downgraded to GTX 260s and put the extra money in the bank...
  8. keep in mind some of those games do not support eyefinity. SC2 for instance does not work at all. MW2 does not work but you can get it to work with a program.

    however eyefinity (or nvidia surround) looks amazing with the games it does support.
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