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I have purchased the E5700 for my Vostro 200. However, I've noticed my current fan is screwed in , but the E5700 snaps in. Does the E5700 simply snap in the Dell mobo or are modifications required?
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  1. The cpu is removable, not soldered on. If you can get the custom dell heatsink off, then an upgrade is possible. But it's hit or miss. Dell offers no tech support that I know of for cpu upgrades; it may work or not. Best to post your question in the dell forums with your system id or motherboard model for better suggestions.
  2. This link is for removing parts for the Vostro 200 Minit Tower
    this one is for removing parts from the slim tower
    this one is for both towers manuals
    this one shows what the Mini Tower looks like if your not sure which
    one you have
    if it doesnt look like this then it is the Slim Tower
    Dont use the heatsink/fan that came with the CPU
    Re use the Dell heatsink/fan
    It is just as good as the one that comes with the CPU
    It is a standard LGA775 latch assembly on all Dells
    All the instructions for removing the processor and fan are in those links

    YOu will need
    Coffee filters to clean CPU (dont leave lint)
    Isopropyl alcohol 90% available at pharmacies cheap
    Thermal Paste - Most common is Artic Silver 5-not the best anymore
    but it stills does a decent job and is easy to find at elecrtonics and office stores
    there are better pastes available online
    just search on Toms for "thermal paste" and read the newer articles
    this is a link to applying thermal paste from Artic Silver
    it is the same application for all brands
    link - http://www.arcticsilver.com/intel_application_method.html#

    this is a guide for installing LGA 775 cpus (mainly have to see how latch works and how to align processor in socket)


    remember re-use stock Dell heatsink and fan
    they are fine for normal usage

    And dont pay attention to people that say you cant upgrade a Dell
    They probably have never done it :)

    I overclocked mine! :D
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