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Hello, I was just wondering, since I am interested in buying and building a new computer, what is the best custom built computer that I can buy for gaming that is in my price range. I want to maximize my gaming experience, I don't need top of line parts for everything, just a good processor, video, and 4g ram and whatever else I need to have the best gaming experience for 650-700 dollars. Any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
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  1. in that price range, start with GTX460 (1 gb) if you can...

    if go with AMD X4 Phenom cpu with $99 /890 chipset mb, can devote extra savings to better video card, I saw a 5870 GPU on sale at newegg for $230 after rebates.....good card for the money! rivals GTX570 in some benchmarks.....a nice place to be
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