Gaming computer under 600 euro for 2011

Hello,I want to build a computer for under 600 euro but am having trouble picking components, i want to play games such as shogun total wwar II on high when it comes out
any suggestions are appreciated
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  1. 600 Euro.....I'd start any gaming build around the video card/mainboard/cpu...

    Start with gpu....minimum recommended is GTX460 (130 Euro), IMO.....

    Can get an X4 Phenom, mb combo for 180 Euro or so.....

    (IF you opt for the ever-popular SandyBridge/MB route, it will detract from the rest of your budget, cost about 250 more euro..better to sink that money into better gpu when budget is limited....)
  2. This is my first pc build , im just moving from consoles to try it out
    My budget is pretty limited cant stretch more than 600
    i havent really looked into sandy bridge and its benefits or what it is
    id like to be able to play games like empire total war and call of duty on high settings if possible
    thanks for the advice on the gpu and cpu ,
    i definatly am going to buy the gtx 460 it looks great so far
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