Problems with new build.

OK so, my current specifications are as follows.

AMD X6 1055T - AM3
MSI 890FX-GD70
Xilence 1000W PSU 80 Certified.
1TB WD - Black Caviar
Radeon XFX HD 5870
4GB Corsair DDR3 - XMS3 1600MHz DDR3
Samsung optical disc drive.

I'm not sure whats wrong, but I can't seem to install any operating system. It just auto reboots once it says "Windows is loading files."

Please help me! =(
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  1. Note there is no blue screen or warning indicator once it reboots.
  2. Have you tried running Memtest before loading your OS? I once had a PC that wouldn't install an OS because of a bad memory module.
  3. Well. I can't even install an operating system. So how would I run a memtest.
  4. There is a free download from that is a bootable CD. It has a bunch of tools and utilities including Memtest. So unless this new PC is your only computer, you should be able to download & burn the CD.
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