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Hi everyone, i dont know much about computers and i want to get an external drive but i dont know which one to get. Can anyone please tell me which external drive is best to get?. I have a toshiba notebook and the external drive would be mainly for storing videos and pictures plus software backup. Thank you.
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  1. that is a nice choice Dadiggle
    but this Western Digital Passpost is easy to carry
    if portability is a concern the Passport can fit in a shirt/jean pocket easily
  2. That is so funny you say that
    I needed more storage with my dell (stupid slim low profile case)
    and couldnt add another HD internal because there is only
    two freakin' sata connectors (1 optical,1 HD)
    So I just needed backup storage and I already use a 320gb USB Verbatim ($50 new)
    so I had an 200gb Maxtor DiamondMax 10 IDE ata133 (oldie but goodie) laying around the shop
    I bought an IDE enclosure on Ebay for $15 and Bam 200gb for $15

    I just found out and did it yesterday that you can use the ide-usb piece of the
    enclosure for DVD-RWs
    So now I have an IDE 16x Burner as an external usb burner when I need it for duplicating or netbooks (though I havent tried that yet)
    Didnt cost anything extra and works like a dream LOL
  3. I know
    I remember you saying that a few months ago
    You already had me thinking of a dedicated PSU in an enclosure for my
    Also be great for extra fans
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