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i have a monitor i got from my friend. i plugged it into my desktop and it wont display. the little green light turns on from amber so it recognizes the computer. but it wont display anything. no 5 second "no connection" or nothing. i dont care if i have to modify the crap out of it can i fix it? o and i did also try it on my laptop and nothing so i know its the monitor.
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  1. What brand and model is it (should be on a sticker on the back). Does the monitor have more than 1 input port (maybe it has a D-SUB/VGA port and a DVI port?). Can you get the on-screen menu to display (i.e. for settings and language selection for the monitor itself)? Have you raised the contrast and brightness (turn brightness all the way up)?
  2. nope nothing just the vga port and its something like hannstar for the manufacturer. and nothing will display ever. i tried clicking all the buttons and holding them down for 3 seconds or something and still nothing.
  3. Not really sure what you could do with the monitor to try to fix it. Does anything rattle inside like something broke loose? If its not under manufacturer warranty anymore, you could open it up and look inside (unplug it first, obviously). See if anything looks burned-out or disconnected. Its possible your backlights burned-out or broke. They tend to be florescent tubes (like in overhead office lights or CFL bulbs). However, even if you see something that's broken, chances are its a lost cause.
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