Allow pings through the Netgear router

How can I enable pings to get through the Netgear router. I can ping from LAN to outside, but not from outside to LAN. Can ping Internet port but no hosts on inside. Saw some details for Telnet to it and apply some code. I've got it set to LANIP:8080 to access through my firewall, etc. Can someone advise?
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  1. In order to connect to a certain computer inside a nat-ed lan you would need to forward all needed ports to that internal IP address. Since ICMP doesn't use anyone certain port you can't forward anything. Only thing you can do is to enable ICMP requests on the router itself. This will reply to internet pings, which is actually a security risk.
    As for pinging a certain computer inside. I don't think you can unless you're using a vpn.
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