Custom build desktop $700 with xp

I was just wondering, since I am interested in buying and building a new computer, what are best components to build the best computer for my use, which is gaming. I understand I would need a good processor, video card and at least 4g of ram to have good gaming capabilities. Now, I would need something in my price range which is 650-700 dollars. I've been reading around the forums and it seems it will be easy and fun to build a gaming desktop so I just thought I'd asked what some of you recommend in my price range.
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  2. That sort of budget, I'd look for an X4 Phenom at 3 Ghz, 890 chipset mainboard, and 5870 gpu (on sale for $239 after rebate at NewEgg), 550-650 watt PSU.....4 GB of memory is enough

    WinXp is really about dead as OS of choice for gaming, as Direct X stops at 9.x for XP....
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