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I have had 2 graphic cards fry now on my PC in a matter of a few months. I have a DELL Vostro 200 so nothing special. I just need something decent enough to not lag when playing games like starcraft 2. I suspect that the reason the gfx cards messed up is due to not a good enough PSU. So the question is would it be more cost effective to get a new PSU & graphic card (i'm not sure that would fix the problem) or if there is a good cost effective new(er) pc to get (seeing as my current one is old and a bit slow). Any and all recommendations would be helpful.

Currently not using a gfx card and my OS is winxp.
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  1. Nvidea geforce 7200GT and 8600GT
  2. And i have no idea what "mobo" issue means but the fans seemed fine i dont think it would be a heat issue.
  3. Not sure I want to get such decent cards for my pc which seems to kill them.
    I saw this article:,review-31989.html
    Is that still relevant? Looks a pretty cheap price for a gaming pc, would be prepared to spend a bit more if it'll get me something good.
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