Computer crashes periodically, cant pin point issue

I have a computer complied by CyberPower, it is about 2 years old. Every so often (Id say every 2-3 days or so) it completely freezes and stalls where it will not let me launch any programs, sometimes it will let me ctrl alt del, and most of the times ends in a BSOD with stop error 0x000000F4.

This has been happening for a while and I know at this point it is defiantly a hardware issue, my questions is this: What piece of hardware could be causing this?

I have complied 3 solutions for this problem:
1. A complete hard reset - Sometimes fixes temporarily
2. Unplug power/SATA from HDD and reboot - Also sometimes fixes temporarily
3. Unplug SATA and plug into new SATA port - Always a fix.

My complete specs are:
Win 7 prof 64 bit
WD300HLFS HDD 280gig
Intel core2 duo E8400 @3.0
Nvidia Geforce GTS 450
4 gigs ram (not sure what kind)
TP45 HP Biostar Tseries Mobo

Things I have tried:
Reinstall of OS
Replacing Sata cable
Upgrading RAM
Tried every SATA port on motherboard

Any ideas? At this point Im guessing ill need to either replace my HDD or possibly replace my mother board... just not sure what to commit to.
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  1. Drop to a single stick of memory in required slot (if any), and retest for 5 days....look for MemTest to download. (ensure your memory is set to correct voltage/CAS timings as recommended by maufacturer for whatever speeds/timings you are running it at....

    Check to make sure drive does not spin down in periods of inactivity, just to see if power management is an issue....

    WIth hard drives available for $39 or so on sale, you could always try another OS install on new drive, if it does not fix it, you simply have another drive for storage. (Do you have an older ATA/IDE drive you could try? Perhaps a SATA issue with your mainboard)

    every '2 to 3 days' lockups can be very difficult to narrow down....; trying a single stick of memory for a few days for troubleshooting purposes is certainly free...

    Running two instances of Prime95 will allow you to check your cpu core temps under max load for 30 min or so.....
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