Onboard video or old 7800GT?

I just bought this computer and it has Intel HD Graphics on board.


I also have this old nVidia 7800GT video card lying around:


Which do you think is better, the Intel or the Nvidia?
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  1. 7800gt hands down, it might be as old as time its self but a hell of a lot better than any Intel gpu.
  2. ct1615 said:
    the 7800GT is a huge upgrade over any integrated graphics, assuming you have a power supply for it.

    The new computer has a 300W PS, but I don't have much in it. I swapped out the HD with an SSD. Only other thing in there is the DVD burner.
  3. You are ok so long your cpu doesn't draw 130-140w at load and the psu is of a quality build.
  4. If you plan on playing games then the 7800GT is the better choice.
  5. GeForce 7 series was awesome and is a lot better then that crap Intel HD BS. DROP IT IN NOW!
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