Is my new pc booting but i just don't have the right monitor?

Right, so i finished my first build last night, but was too tired to even attempt to run it. it powered up fine (though i hadn't plugged in the CPU power plug thing, so i did that. but still every time i turn it on, my monitor is blank. i have a XFX ATI RADEON 5770 card, and the sockets on the back are different to the ones i usually associate with a monitor, however i may simply be using horibly outdated ones. the monitor i am using at the moment has a blue plug, whereas the ones on the new graphics card are white, and slightly larger. the motherboard i am using is a ASUS M4A785TD-V. i am unsure if this has a built in graphics card, but i would assume as there is a plug for a monitor on the board.
so long sotry short- do i need a new monitor? or could i even use my tv?
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  1. So your using the DVI to VGA adapter?
    Power is plugged into the card ?
    Have you tried the other HDMI output?
    Have you disabled the onboard video?
    Monitor should work but you can try the tv as well.
  2. EDIT: eliminated extraneous details.

    Ok, WHAT is plugged in where? You have the blue port on your monitor, what is that plugged into? The blue port on your computer, or a blue port on your graphics card, or a white port on your graphics card (after you attached some sort of adapter to the white port)? Do you have a cable with a blue-end and a white-end?
  3. Actually color is a dead give away that he has a VGA monitor cable that he is trying to intall into a DVI port. He requires a DVI to VGA adaptor. Most Graphics cards come with dual link DVI and most also come with teh adaptor as mentioned. You probably provided too much info and increased confusion. The general standard is Blue = VGA, White = DVI.
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