Gtx 460 on pci x16 1.1 will it bottleneck?

Hi all, i am looking to upgrade my gfx card from a gts250 to a gtx 460 on a pci x16 1.1 slot, will this cause a major bottleneck?

My system specs are

E6750 @ 3.6 with titan fenrir cooler
700w corsair psu
gigabyte p35 ds3 mobo
2 x 2g ocz reaper 1066
windows vista home premium
1tb samsung spinpoint hd

any help would be greatly appreciated.

ps just to add will upgrade in 6+ months to a new mobo and cpu.
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  1. will a 460 be bottlenecked by pci x 1.1 ... probably a bit but probably nto at a notcable percentage if it were like a 480 yea it'd matter but in a 460 unlikely so i'd say you're good
  2. ty for quick reply, put my mind at rest, as ordered card on spur of moment lol
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