Issue with Homebuit PC: Crashes\Hangs

Hey guys, have a rather annoying problem with my pc build, i recently upgraded alot of my parts and now i get this weird crash every so often, somedays wont happen sometimes every 5 mins and my pc wont recover so a reboot is necaccery, the symptom are random aswell ranging from freeze with a almost static crunching sound to freeze with nou sound but purple pixel lines on screen. My Build is:

AMD Dual-Core Black Edition AM3 3.2GHz (B55 i belive?)
4Gbs of RAM Extravalue 1333Mhz (2 X 2Gbs)
ASUS ATi Radeon HD 4670 1GHz
CiT 450UB Switching Power Supply (12v Dual Rail i belive)
500Gb Samsung SATA HDD
ASUS M4A88T-M Motherboard
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Sorry for the poor grammer and such as im posting this from ASUS Express Gate in fear of crashing again.

Please tell me if you need anything else

Hoping for a solution
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  1. I could be wrong but I suspect it's an issue with your RAM. Don't go out and buy any new RAM though, at the very least, wait for someone with more knowledge than me to say something, but if you have any other RAM sticks lying around or if you can borrow one from someone that is compatible with your mobo, try them out. At the very least, it'll just narrow down the possible issues.
    It could probably be your PSU though.
    Also, what do you mean by "my pc wont recover"? I thought a reboot was always necessary when your system crashes?
  2. First do a boot CD/(usb drive if you feeling adventurous) of "memtest" to eliminate the possibility that it is your RAM, holes or not enough power to the RAM can cause a boat load of problems so its important thats settled first.

    THen move on to stressing your other components.
    CPU(stress Prime or SP2004,Speedfan),GPU(Furmark, GPU-Z), Hard drive(Speedfan and HDDTune ...i think thats what its called)

    Have a look at this also before you set off on your quest.

    Also check event viewer it may give you a clue whats having a hissy fit.

    Also, if you can tell us what was in there before and what you upgraded to might help.
  3. DRop to single stick of RAM on alternating basis, checking for stability with a single stick.....some mem advertised as 1333 may not do so without relaxed timings....; try default slower 1066 if necessary.
  4. +1 mdd1963
    "Drop to single stick of RAM.."

    Do that first.
  5. Okay i ran memtest86 and it says all passes, no errors. but oddly it says that the ram was DDR1 and was around 1105MHz im no memtest expert though. Will post back with previous build (Which was stable) and event viewer stuff.

  6. In event viewer, after each Kernal-Power (Telling me the reboot wasn't clean) there apears to be some event log errors saying that "Audit events have been dropped by the transport"
  7. what was it you upgraded from and too again?

    Ok so memtest passed, hmm.. did you try it with just one stick in or two?...hopefully it will error with two sticks, if it does swap it round as it could be the slot on the mboard. Just to rule it out..

    This may take a while to pin down..

    Unclean reboots generally suggest that a write operation or closing an application on shutdown did not complete properly.. hardware wise i would still break it down to either the HDD or the RAM at this point...

    If you install speedfan it will check your hdd against a database of the same hdd and tell you its fitness, if its a delayed write to the hdd and check out the 4th tab for S.M.A.R.T select your main hdd and click "perform in depth analysis" you can also perform short and extended tests here...if you hdd is ok then I would go back to the RAM.

    Now we have ruled out the HDD quickly lets go back to the ram.
    Take a note of your current RAM settings, use something like CPU-Z, the memory/SPD tab will give you what the rate timings should be for a particular speed and you current opp speed too..

    As mdd1963 mentioned earlier you may have to relax your timings a little, so if you are running at 1105mhz then you should also have appropriate timings and voltages for the ram....if for example your timings are 4-5-5-15 then try lowering it to 6-6-6-19, notice the last number is a total of the first three, plus one or two is ok for the last digit....note whether or not its stable after a while, then up the voltage by 0.1 (but make sure you never go over too far over the rated voltage ) say from 1.8v - 1.9, some memory is low voltage though being value RAM an no specific info bout it I cant tell you how far. I will say though that if its rated to run at 1.8 dont go over 2.10v. it'll just be running hotter than it needs to be..

    Then, as unlikely as it is stress the GPU (furmark) and the CPU (strees prime or superpi)

    Ok the other issue is it could be software or driver related, though these days i find it less likely....If its software wise ,start with a fresh build back at before you upgraded what you upgraded...then one by one take note of where the problems start.
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