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For the past couple of days my internet has been spotty at best. While playing games my ping would be fine for a bit, then spike for 10seconds-1minute. This persisted for a while. My roommate has a 4 year old laptop and his wireless manager shows way more networks than mine and has stronger connection, plus better ping in game. I have a 3-year old gaming comp with a good Wireless N card.

An internet speed test was showing me at around 1.5mbs while my rooommates can get around 13.mbs on old laptops.

Anyway, I uninstalled the drivers etc and reinstalled everything and now I can't get the computer to find the adapter. It keeps saying adapter not connected and I can't get any wireless connection at all on it now.

Is the wireless card borked? Is there anything I can do to test it?

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  1. Try a different PCI slot.

    And/or in the computer's BIOS screens try disabling any ports not in use -- COM, Parallel port (if using USB printer) Game port unless using that. Restart Windows a couple of times to re-assign resources.

    Follow the instruction for installing the adapter, to the letter (usually install driver first before installing adapter). Sometimes there are registry issues with re-installing -- get yourself a free copy of Easycleaner which may (may!) clear out mess from previous installs.
  2. As an update;

    Previously I tried switching the PCI slot and it had no effect.

    I've been using a USB cable to connect to the internet for a couple days and when I awoke this morning it stopped connecting me to the internet through that. It was working fine the night prior, but today just stopped. I've tried going in and installing the driver through the Device Manager, but it keeps saying that Device Driver was not successfully installed. And it won't recognize the USB cable being plugged in or the network adapter.

    Is this a mother board failure?
  3. Why have you been using a USB cable to connect to the internet ? It's normal to use an ethernet cable plugged into the Network Port between the computer and an ethernet port on the router -- try that.
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