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I have a problem with my graphic quality. Small vertical multicolor lines delimited in a defined area are to be seen on my desktop. These areas are not are changing position and intensity with changing pictures, background etc. Actually, the background pictures are giving me the most trouble. It is maybe a color defect? I have a sapphire radeon HD5770. A monitor problem is to exclude. Or is maybe the motherboard? I have some pictures about that but I can't post them. Thank you very much for helping.
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  1. Why is the monitor to exclude?, Those are classic symptoms of a aging monitor in need to be replaced.

    Try it on a Different display and see if it still happens, also try reinstalling the drivers for the card.

    It could be anything from a faulty RGB cable to a bad card.
  2. Hello wiinippongam, I connected the monitor with my laptop and all was perfect. in addition the monitor, as well as all the other components of my pc, are brand new. Cable inclusive. I will try one more time with the drivers. I have now windows 7. Before with windows xp this problem was only encountered when starting a demanding game. Do you know if there is some kind of program that test the color compatibility of video card and LCD?
  3. it's not "color compatibility", your card is probably faulty.

    download and install furmark and run it for awhile and see what happens
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