What kind of dvi cable does the Asus VH242H Come With?

Title, i saw pics but i cant tell...
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  1. One that has two identical connector like this...

  2. i want to use the monitor with a gtx 470 so what cable do i need?
  3. DVI?
  4. Just don't worry about that, all gtx470s come with a VGA adapter in case you need it, and just for answering your question the DVI connectors on the 470 are Dual Link
  5. said dvi cable not vga cable, my point being, what kind of dvi cable do i need that will be compatible with the monitor and the 470?
  6. Dual Link
  7. dual link dvi-d?
  8. no, they will come with everything you need bro.
  9. djsnipy said:
    dual link dvi-d?

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