New build for gaming\oc badget 1000$

this system will work on HD resolution

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  1. Is there a question in there....? Or are you merely informing everyone fo your plan? :)

    Absolute minimum is a GTX460 (1 gb), or, 5870 , currently on sale for $239 after rebate at NewEgg...; if your desired resolution is 1920x1200, I'd look hard at the latter card.

    A 2500k cpu/mb combo sounds nice, but, the cpu not yet listed at Pricewatch or Newegg, so you could opt for the P55/58 chipset mb with i5/750 or 760...
  2. lamborghini1 said:
    this system will work on HD resolution


    Well, great.. Congrats...
  3. hh ok...i need your help by building this system with a few notes:
    -2 HDD's 1TB each -> for raid (backup)
    -and hd input required!
    - hd ready not full
  4. RAID 1/mirroring is a waste of 1 TB, IMO.....better to get 3 or 4 500-800 GB drives in RAID 5 for less money, which offers increased speed and fault tolerance in the event of a single drive failure...

    Instead of 'full backups/mirroring', you can also back up just the data you need backed up fairly easily with Ghost. (can take a 6-7 GB image just after OS and apps install...; back up file folders of photos or important data to just about any smaller drive, or a DVD-RW
  5. i dont find this solution practical because i will be no time to busy with this
    thats why i prefer the raid solution for auto backup 24/7
    even 2 HDDs each 2TB they are not expansive now anyway

    so..wich components can you offer to me?
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