Inspirion 530 video upgrades (including power supplyt upgrade) suggestion

I am willing to change my power supply so what is the best video card I can use on my Inspirion 530 without upgrading my system board?
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  1. If you're willing to upgrade your PSU, then sky's the limit! One thing nobody ever mentions though is case space! Check you have room inside your Dell for a decent sized card, when I upgraded I didn't notice that my new card was too long, and went over the SATA connections on my motherboard! Oh no! Luckily I was able to sort it out, but that would have been really disappointing!

    I'd say let's start with the power supply. If you're willing to spend some cash you can get a decent Corsair one, or some other well known and respected brand. Once the PSU is decided upon, you can move onto graphics card. However, you could take the advice of the gents above and get a 5670, a very decent card that will be quite good for gaming and the other things you would need it for, but if you're looking for the "best" as you stated, then it's time to look at those PSUs....
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