New Sandy Bridge build, looking for any advice

Ok guys so I've been away from the home built scene for like 5 years now always opting for velocity products but I just can't make that make sense anymore so back to building my own. I'm going to list the products I'm using or thinking about using and would love any advice on what to change or modify to fit my needs. I don't game hardcore but I do enjoy a round of boderlands and new vegas and I'm eagerly awaiting id's new rage so keep gaming in mind. So heres what we got so far.

mobo - asus p8p67 pro

cpu - intel i5 2500k

ssd - corsair f90 gb2

ram - corsair dominator ddr3 1600

psu - corsair hx750

gpu - sapphire HD 6870

os - windows 7 home premium oem

Just waiting on the cpu tomorrow to put it all together and know it would be best to ask the forums opinions as to avoid any mistakes. I appreciate any opinions and suggestions, thank you!
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  1. Looks good! See you on the Crysis servers! :)
  2. ty I did so much research while waiting for the sandy bridge, my initial goal was to wait on bulldozer but my old amd velocity completely died on me. The motherboard is the toughest decision for me, so many options and different price points. So you guys think the asus p67 pro will be a fine board and last a few years?
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