27-30" LED monitor update

Just an update to this thread:


LG and Samsung have recently released 27" LED monitors but the Fry's in Sunnyvale doesn't have space to put them up on display because they have two dozen 20" monitors up there!?! Not sure how they expect anyone to buy it if they can't see how it looks.

However, I have purchased a 30" HP ZR30w 30-inch S-IPS LCD monitor as I couldn't work on a 24" anymore.

While the ZR30w seems like a decent monitor (lots of real-estate), it is still LCD and doesn't seem as bright as an LED. It is about the same price I paid for the 24" LCD from 5 years ago, so I consider it a bargain; but still wish it were an LED (it generate a lot of heat).
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  1. "LED" monitors are simply LCD monitors with LED backlight instead of traditional florescent light.
  2. OLEDs (Besides In The UMPC, Tablet And Smartphone Markets) Seem To Be Going Nowhere Unfortunately, Considering They Have Lower Responce Times And Higher Black Levels Than CRTs Or Plasmas, They Will Be Thinner Than ANYTHING And Have All The Advantages Of LCDs..... HURRY UP 19"+ OLEDs!
  3. Sony dropped out of the OLED race earlier this year due to escalating research and development costs to bring this type of technology to market. I believe they had 12" monitors that were selling for around $3,000. Apparently, the expertise to build an OLED monitor exists, but production costs are prohibitively high.
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